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Give Online

Thank you for responding to God's love with your generosity. 

Your tithes and offering will help Grace live out its mission and make a difference in people's lives and our community.


Please click here to begin!

We encourage all of our members to consider committing to a convenient online program in order to allow your weekly offerings to continue on an uninterrupted basis, even if you can't make it to service. Contributions can now be debited automatically from your checking or savings account or processed using your credit or debit card.

Please remember to check the box to give an additional 3% to help offset the credit card processing fee.

Text Giving

Text: (262) 222-2451

General Fund: text the $ & amount Example: $50

Missions: text the $, amount, space, missions Example: $50 missions

Endowment: text the $, amount, space, endowment Example: $50 endowment

Other Giving Opportunities

1. AmazonSmile - CLICK HERE to register.

2. Are you a Thrivent Member? If so, contact the church office to discuss ways in which you can direct charitable dollars to Grace Lutheran through the Thrivent Choice® Program.

3. Designate your annual United Way donation to Grace Lutheran Ministries.