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Holy Smokers

What is Holy Smokers?

The Concept

Men working together toward a common objective of serving others, while developing deep and meaningful relationships with one another and Jesus Christ

Men work differently than women; they don’t communicate, react, form bonds or share feelings the same way. 

Typically, men feel the need to work toward a common goal or objective, when surrounded by other men. They also need to share some of the same interests to even come together. This men’s ministry concept is built on the common objective of being godly men with the desire to serve Jesus Christ. Through this, men are able to relate to one another and form Christian-based friendships with other men and develop not only their personal relationship with Jesus Christ but also provide outreach and mission service to others.

Our Mission

Joyfully serve Christ through His church by ministering to others through delicious food, fellowship, and spiritual growth

Our Vision

To provide men a unique opportunity to relate to one another in a comfortable, Christ-centered format, which will result in the spiritual growth of group members, support to other ministries, assist in establishing similar ministries, and represent Christ and our church in the community

Those interested should contact Be Ware at (414) 698-8546 or inspectrex@hotmail.com