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Online Children's Ministry

Parents if you haven't already done so, please fill out the short survey below to let us know how you feel about Student Ministry returning in person.

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Here's what's happening in our ministry . . . 


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Dear JAM/Thrive Parents,

As I hope you’ve heard, Grace Lutheran Ministries, will not be hosting any ministry gatherings, at this time. If you haven’t read our most recent updates, please do so here.  This does mean that JAM/Thrive will not be meeting anymore, but children’s ministry will just begin to look different! The resources available to you – like the YouTube channel and google drive – will be added to day by day during this time. Please be patient and check these resources often!

Sadly, we will go from bustling Sunday mornings with lots of children to empty rooms. But God is still God, and the Spirit of the Lord knows no boundaries! Our relationship with God and with each other does not rely on Sunday mornings, or any specific time or place. In fact, I believe this will be a wonderful opportunity for us to partner together in the common goal of raising up disciples of Jesus Christ. We will be walking you through each day so you can learn more about how to care for your child(ren) spiritually during this time. There has never been a better time to focus on Jesus’ Words and start putting His Words into action! We will also communicate with you as soon as we know when we can go back to meeting together physically!

We will be using the Red Letter Challenge for Kids curriculum for this family ministry experience! We are going to pick up right where the rest of our church is on this challenge! If you have already been following the Red Letter Challenge Calendar, these opportunities will just enhance your experience of doing this challenge as a family.

Here is what you can expect from the children’s ministry moving forward:

1. We will continue children’s ministry through online resources.

Daily Videos

These can be found on the “Grace Lutheran Children’s Ministry” YouTube channel. Please subscribe to this channel so you can get notified when we upload a new video! These daily videos will be a 5-10 minute devotional reading from the Red Letter Challenge for Kids book written by Zach and Allison Zehnder. The videos will also be uploaded into the google drive.

Link to the YouTube Channel:

Challenges and Activities

There will be challenges, activities, coloring sheets, etc. being added to the google drive throughout this time! Check back often to see what new activities, resources, and videos there are! This is also where you can find the Red Letter Challenge for Kids Calendar to help you keep on track!

Link to the Google Drive:

“The Winds of Redvale” Story Time with Christine

This will be 7 special videos that share the Red Letter Challenge like a bedtime story! These will be posted in the Google Drive and on the YouTube Channel.

2. We will encourage spiritual conversations at home and provide resources for you as a parent.

We all struggle with being busy. There will probably never be another season when we all have so much time on our hands. We want to maximize the opportunity! We will continue to add to the google drive parent resources we find beneficial including conversation and anxiety guides for children amid the pandemic.

3. We will pray for you and care for you as a part of the family of God.

We know anxiety is high. We know everybody’s life is severely disrupted. We are praying for your physical. spiritual, and emotional health. We are praying for your family to experience peace amid this storm. Please let me know how we can pray specifically for your family. If you could be blessed by someone in our congregation or could bless someone else with babysitting, financial support, material goods, etc. please fill out this google form:


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

In Christ’s Peace,

Christine Young: Director of Student Ministry


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