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Grace Lutheran School offers a faith-focused, technology-enriched, success-centered education for students in grades 3K to 8. We are a family growing in Christ while reaching out in love.

Grace is committed to providing a high-quality, Christ-centered education, which includes 21st century learning skills for grades 3K to 8.

21-22 theme

Why Choose Grace? 

Grace prepares children academically for the future, but the Christ-centered educational experience also prepares them to be loving examples of Christ in our world. Our teachers are dedicated, caring individuals who do an excellent job in nurturing and preparing students to impact the world. 

How is Grace different? 

Grace holds Christ at the center of its everyday life, existence, and instruction. Grace offers a challenging, high-quality education and provides a solid Christian foundation led by role model teachers. 

Who can enroll at Grace? 

Grace enrolls students in grades 3K to 8. Students and families do not need to be members of the congregation to attend the school. Incoming students are screened to ensure that we can meet his or her educational needs. The complete Enrollment Policy can be found in the Grace Lutheran School Parent Handbook

How much does it cost to send my children to Grace?

Contact the school office (262) 251-7140 for all the costs associated with attending our school.

What are School Hours?

3K: 8 to 11 am (M/W/F or T/Th)

4K: 8 to 11 am or 12 to 3 pm Monday through Friday

5K through 8th Grade: 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday

Does Grace have special education?

We are limited in the services that we can provide. Grace reserves the right to withhold admission of a student should special needs exist that cannot be provided for within the school environment. We do work closely together with the local public districts in this area as well as Lutheran Special School of Milwaukee in providing assistance and direction if there is a student need.