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Our Members' Perspective

We want you to feel comfortable coming as you are to see why and how Grace is a family. Here are some experiences of our members and recent visitors.


We wanted a church that was bible-based and where we could grow in our faith through volunteering, bible studies, and community outreach. We found that at Grace. All members of our family have had an active role in some form of church ministry. Through that service we have made lasting friendships which we are thankful for. We feel blessed to be members of Grace and are looking forward to the future!

~Paul & Terri Brozowski

Grace has been our church home for 55 years and it feels like home. We have been blessed as our family grew and was nurtured through baptisms, confirmations, marriages, Christian education and many more gifts from our Lord. We are thankful our Lord provides Grace with pastors, teachers, church workers and friends who are with us in our walk of faith.

~Jerry and Jane Fritsch

What excites me about the future of Grace is the endless number of opportunities to serve. From our youth to our seniors and everyone in between, there is a place for us all to BELONG. As we all grow together spiritually, we experience God’s amazing grace and we BELIEVE! When we give of our time, talents and gifts, we experience a marvelous connection to the ministry and we BECOME. This is what my journey has been about here at Grace.

~Gail Krajewski

I started teaching Sunday School 13 years ago because there was a need and I wanted to set an example for my daughters. I have continued to teach because it has been spiritually rewarding each and every year.

~Mitch Heiser

Although we have many positives to share about the ministry of Grace, the youth ministry has had a profound effect on our family. Our daughter has found incredible support from new friends who share the same values and faith and knowledgeable leaders who have squashed her anxiety about dying, bringing her, and our whole family, closer to God.

~Kris Sapinski

On the Generate Retreat, I felt really moved by God during the trip. I asked for God to send me a sign of what I should do with my life. The pastor speaking asked anyone who wanted to be a missionary to raise their hand. I raised my hand and that’s what I want to do now, be a missionary.

~Madison Whitcomb

It’s amazing to see our children not only learn about Jesus and His love but for them to witness it each day. At a young age they are learning to serve others as members of Christ’s body, and not just here in Wisconsin, but throughout the world. We feel blessed to have Grace Lutheran Church and School as our partner in their Christian education.

~Amy Maillet

Grace to me is a safe place to go to school and learn about God’s Word than just going to church every Sunday. Grace has given me the opportunity to grow academically, personally, and spiritually. Because of the teachers and pastors at our school I can feel more confident in who I am and sharing my personal story and faith in God, and will continue to be a fisher of men even after Grace.

~Edison Wheeler

When I first walked through Grace's doors, I felt instantly welcomed. The music and sermon stirred my heart toward genuine change and action. I personally love how so many people stayed after the service in the narthex in order to connect with one another--it really feels like a family here. Once I joined a small group, I felt even more connected.

~Kati Young


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